It was very interesting to meet both Ruth Delaney and Hannan Mullet. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to be introduced to the Irish Shoulder Orthopaedic community. I had the chance to attend the meeting where the shoulder surgeons in Dublin share their most difficult cases and they also invite patients to come for open preoperative evaluation. This was very useful. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner at the French Restaurant followed by (of course) a pint of Guinness.

I was very impressed by the unique group of patients. Since rugby and Gaelic football are so popular in Ireland, shoulder dislocation is very common. We had very interesting conversations about their surgical indications and postoperative protocols in such high- demanding and often very young patients. I was also impressed by the high level of the facilities where they work: they have an amazing team working with them so that they can be very efficient in the OR, where I saw several interesting cases. I also visited the Sport Center connected to the Sport Surgery Clinic: a physiotherapist introduced me to their rehabilitation programs and showed me their ongoing studies. And a lucky morning as a tourist with no rain (!!!) was the cherry on top.

Thanks Ruth and Hannan!

Albert Ferrando and SECEC visiting fellow Enrico Bellato in Temple Bar.