SECEC Presidential Address 2019

Mr Hannan Mullett, President ISES pictured at the at ICSES Argentina with BESS president Amar Rangan, Osvandre Lech, Chairman International Board of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (IBSES)

Distinguished Members of our Society !
Once again, it gives me a great pleasure addressing you during the most vibrant times of the year, right after our annual event. Our closed meeting took place in the admirable city of Copenhagen and united 125 of our members to revel in a refined scientific setting and to enjoy an amazing boat tour with an elegant dinner. A comprehensive elbow course with a distinctive faculty preceded the closed meeting and 95 of our members recapitulated their elbow knowledge. This Closed Meeting was furthermore particular as it was SECEC’s last regular Closed Meeting. Traditionally, we used to skip our annual congress once in every three years and organize closed meetings during the World Congress. Now I am happy to inform you that our Executive Committee decided to resume holding our annual congresses along with ICSES, maintaining our full support to this worldwide spectacular event. Exceptionally, we will skip our congress only when ICSES is held in Europe, as it will happen in 2022 in Rome, Italy.
In Copenhagen, we voted for the admittance of our new members. I would like to welcome each and every one of the 67 new members of our society. Thanks to you, SECEC grew 10% in 2019 and will continue to grow. Particularly, following our recent revision on our membership criteria, associated and junior membership is remarkably more accessible than before. Mainly, our aim is to facilitate our membership processes by cancelling unnecessary documentation and relieve young members from a financial burden at the beginning of their career. To read full letter by Mehmet Demirhan, SECEC-ESSSE President click here