About the Irish Shoulder and Elbow Society

It has been a remarkable year for our young and small society. In September 2022, we hosted our annual conference in the Convention Centre. We were very fortunate to have Prof Alex Castagna as our keynote speaker. His wealth of experience and enthusiastic style of speaking led to a robust and informative Q&A session after.

Ms Leanne Bisset, from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, gave an excellent presentation as keynote speaker for our ISERS colleagues, on Conservative Management of Lateral Epicondyle Tendinopathy. She also ran a successful practical parallel session

Our Irish-American Orthopaedic Society colleagues, Dr James Kelly, Dr Edward McDevitt and Dr Rob McLaughlin also presented with some challenging cases discussed.

We also had a high standard of paper research presentations with Dr Eoghan Hurley taking 1st prize for his presentation from his research in New York on the use of Canniboids in post-operative shoulder pain.

It was a huge achievement for our society to have been entrusted with hosting the SECEC 30th Congress in the Convention Centre. This involved about almost 1200 delegates attending. This involved a lot of planning for the 12 months leading up to it. The Congress took place over 3 days from September 7 -9th. Research papers from all over Europe, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and USA were presented.

Some great Irish talent was showcased with the Celtic Drummers dramatically leading the delegates to the Welcome Reception. Anuna performed beautiful songs which had an even more profound effect in the echoes of the Convention Centre. The Congress Dinner took place in the Guinness Storehouse with panoramic views of Dublin city. Entertainment was provided by the Merry Ploughboys, a Riverdance quartet and delegates were kept on the dancefloor by the cover group Hire Love.

The feedback from SECEC and delegates has been wonderful. The Irish Shoulder and Elbow Society have secured their place on the map among the larger European societies.

We now look forward to welcome you to our Annual Conference on 21st January 2023 in the RCSI where we will be joined by Dr John Kelly.

Hannan Mullett
Hannan MullettPresident
Kieran O'Shea
Kieran O'SheaSecretary
Diarmuid Molony
Diarmuid MolonyTreasurer

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2018 annual conference of the Irish Shoulder and Elbow Society.

This year, we hope to build on the success of 2017’s inaugural meeting. On behalf of the society I would like to express our gratitude to Dr Anthony Romeo, our guest of honour last year, for making the day an enjoyable and informative one.

The first half of the today’s meeting is dedicated towards shoulder instability and no doubt, there will be something for everyone with the combined wisdom and knowledge of our two guest speakers: Pascal Boileau and Anju Jaggi.

Professor Pascal Boileau is a pioneer in the field of shoulder surgery and has introduced innovations in the management of shoulder arthritis, instability, cuff pathology and fractures. He is the head of the department of orthopaedic surgery in the University of Nice, a former SECEC president and director of the biennial Nice Shoulder Course.

Ms Anju Jaggi, herself a former EUSSER president, is renowned for her work in the management of complex shoulder instability. Many of our own most challenging instability patients have travelled to London to benefit from her expertise and under her supervision and instruction, rehabilitated back to function.
Later on, in June of this year, ISES will hold its first specialty day at the IOA annual meeting. Dr Mark Mighell from the Florida Orthopaedic Institute will be guest of honour on that occasion.

Thank you for attending the conference today. I think we can all look forward to an interesting educational and scientific meeting.